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Our Services

Jesper Grasjo, Stokesdale

“Justin from the Cyan Van took great care of my lawn and gave great suggestions how to improve my landscaping with some flower bed modifications and low maintenance plants and hidden rain barrel watering system.
I will definitely keep using the cyan van for my landscaping needs."
"Justin did such a wonderful job on my yard. He is very professional and has a good eye for improvements. My yard looks the best it has looked in years! Justin was prompt and took the initiative to add in some extras that were needed to make it look better. You can’t go wrong with this guy!"

Arvic Macapagal, High Point

"Justin is a fine gentleman who strives to exceed expectations. He provided me with reasonable suggestions without being pushy and made our yard look much better than it's ever been. He also takes care to not damage our kids sandbox and toys that get left scattered about. Great work. 10/10 would introduce to my sister."
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